Precious Metal

Semi Precious

When you feel beautiful, everything is possible. Claudia Frustaci brands exist to spread beauty. We take a stand for every woman to feel good about herself. To look in the mirror and see her inner beauty, to remember her strength, her resilience, her worth.

The only thing more powerful than a woman determined to rise is a woman who feels worthy of her rising

My roots run deep.

Born and raised in Milan, alongside influential women in my life and in fashion, I learned at an early age that beauty can manufacture confidence. With an Esthetician mother and a grandmother who managed one of the top tailoring companies in Hungary, a roommate who shared runway shows with me, and over 20 years working as the go-to artist for top cosmetic companies like Lancome, Armani and YSL, fashion and beauty have always been at the core of my being. Now, they're at the core of everything I create.

Because I believe beauty heals.

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